Walk in the Other Direction or Run Towards Destiny?

Please, look in the mirror

Through your wiser eyes

Through your passionate eyes

See what he made you see

Know what he made you know

You're smart




And going places

He forced you to see

What everyone already saw

You were so convinced you were worthless

We all knew better

But only he could make you believe it

Only he could make you accept fact

But now that he's gone

You've lost yourself

Your confidence

Your self-esteem

It's all gone

Along with him

But please

Listen for just a minute

And look at yourself

Closely now

Pay attention

When you look back upon

All he's given you

All he meant to you

And still does mean to you

All he did good for you

Whether intentional or not

Are you really going to let this ruin you?

Are you going to let the lack of his prescence

Undo all he did for you?

Don't unravel all he worked so hard to sew

Don't leave incomplete all he left unfinished

Finish it yourself

Make yourself the best you can be

The best he helped you to be

And remember, he's always with you

In your heart

Listen to his voice

Be held in his arms

Anytime you want

If you just escape to your heart

Let him remind you of who you are

And who you can be

And more

Please, please

I beg of you

For the sake of you

Don't undo all he did for you