My Lover's Kiss

eyes trail down your face
drinking in you
and i stop awhile on your lips
like i read somewhere would turn you on
but their full, juicy curves lead my eyes in loops anyways
like the gravity of that big, beautiful orb oozing, dripping with life,
they pull me in invisibly
though really it's my arms that pull you close
a couple of short pressures until we really slide and click into that special groove
where there's space inside our lip lock
enough that we could share air
though of course we're both holding our breaths back
our mouths are pressed deeply, softly together
your lips with just the right amount of give
so they form a perfectly molded home for mine
and i hope mine are equally hospitable to you
a sensuous lick of your upper lip tells you i'm coming
a caress with my tongue to tell you i want you
and my teeth sink gently in
tongues meet, just touching tips at first
but moving closer, each time a deeper motion
so finally our two mouths are one
in undulating, swelling expressions of our hearts
and having known each other
our tongues retreat
with the promise of another day thick in the air
lips say their goodbyes, echoing their greeting
and eyes open once more upon the fullness of you