Date: October 12

Channel 4 News- Emergency Broadcast Live- New York City, New York – 12:33AM

Reports from across the nation have been pouring in that men are returning from the dead. Although they appear to be family members, they are actually flesh-eating monsters. This footage will be disturbing, but we ask that everyone watch to gain caution and understanding about the situation which is effecting everyone, everywhere…

Channel 61- KXNews- Springfield, Texas- Emergency Interruption – 2:19AM

The whole western hemisphere is under lock down due to the undead that have been attacking everywhere. The recently dead are rising again, but be aware that they do not communicate or reason. They are extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to talk with them or fight them. They will not respond. All lives are at stake no matter how safe you may feel. Citizens are ----

(The broadcast is cut short.)

Station 95.3 FM- StarRock- Emergency Notification- 11:45AM- Valley Falls, Oregon

The government is asking everyone to evacuate to safe stations. There are safe stations at every school with a police station within a 25 mile range. In case you are unsure of which cities will be having safe spots, we will be listing them in alphabetical order non-stop while we relocate to the city of Fort Sunder. Please leave a television or radio on at all times, if possible, for further updates.

Station 103.5 AM- Canada English New- Emergency Broadcast- Toronto, Canada- 3PM

Our police force is requesting all citizens to stay in their homes and attempt to protect themselves. So far we've discovered they fear fire and deep water, such as rivers and lakes. Further developments will be released to the public upon immediate discovery. Large armed groups stand a much better chance of survival. Here are recommendations to arm and protect yourself and your home.

Channel 107- LIVE- Tomahawk, Wisconsin- 4:33PM

This is a recording. All citizens are asked to use their best judgment. Several former safe areas at schools and churches are no longer available. Take care in all situations. This is a recording. All citizens…

Channel 88- Emergency Broadcast- Nagano, Japan- 4:45PM


(There is only the sound of snowy static.)

Before this all happened…
Date: October 11- 9: 12AM
Location: Genesee Community College- Batavia, New York
Tara got up from the computer in the library and unplugged her headphones. She had arrived at school early, like always, since she was driven daily by her friend, Edana, and sat in the library searching the web and blaring her music waiting for class to start. As she stood up, she noticed a large group of students flocking and crowding around the TV monitors located throughout the room.

"What's this? A scary movie?" she asked as she looked up at the screen to see a camera focus on a face of a zombie, then trip and fall backwards leaving static.

One of the seniors looked at her in surprise. "You really haven't heard what's going on?"

She gave him a funny look. They stared at each other, then she shrugged and laughed. "Nice try." She began to walk away, but her grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "What the hell?"

She looked back up to the monitor as she violently pushed his hand off. She realized fearfully, that it wasn't a movie, but instead an actual broadcast from a TV station she recognized out of Florida. It was near Disney Land. The next footage shown was from the theme park itself. Children and parents alike were streaming out the gates in a mad rush. Cars in the parking lot were smashing together as people raced to be the first ones out. An overheard from a helicopter scanned over the park. It zoomed in on about 10 people shuffling slowly about with greenish colored skin. Two of them were leaving bloody footprints. Ten didn't seem like a lot, but Tara suddenly realized how many were probably having a feast inside the rides, especially ones where people were locked in.

Disgusted, she turned away retching. This was only something she saw in video games and movies. This wasn't supposed to be an instance of life suddenly reflecting art. Finally someone jumped up on a stool and turned the volume up on the TV she was near. She couldn't read the caption from where she had been standing, but now she heard warnings and advice being thrown out to the general masses. The advice had come from the government. Apparently, Florida was the first reported case of anything like this happening.

The president was walking up to a podium carrying several sheets of paper. He began to say something about how his Intelligence Comittees and Cabinet members said this and that. Tara wasn't listening anymore, she was digging for her cell phone.

Yanking it our of her backpack, she flipped it open and dialed Edana's number. Forget the fact that she was in class, this was an emergency. Tara had seen enough movies and played enough games to know better than to let this slide, these things could spread quickly if George Romero, the creator of Night of the Living Dead, was right.

Edana hissed into her phone, "I'm in class."

"Screw class, there's a national emergency."

Silence came from the other end, like she had her hand over the phone and was telling someone something. She finally heard Edana speak again. "Are you totally serious?"

"Tell your teacher to turn on the TV."

She heard Edana request for the teacher to change to a news channel. She heard a gasp after a few minutes. "What do we do?"

"Well, we both played these games. So let's get a course of action and something to use in case of a fight."

"Alright, I'm cutting class now. See you in a few. Bye."


They both hung up. Tara was already racing to the car in the parking lot, her long blonde hair streaming behind her. She hoped Edana would get the same idea and meet her there.

Date: October 11- 10: 45AM
Location: post office parking lot- Valdosta, Georgia

Senon's mother locked all the doors to the car as she got out to go into the post office to drop some letters into a post box. It wasn't that she was overly worried about him, but he was five years old and lately there were some sick, weird people in the world. She knew nothing about the problems in Florida yet, she didn't own a TV and didn't want her son influenced by one. She kissed him on the cheek, and closed her door and he began to wipe the lipstick off.

Senon sat around waiting. He was watching the people walk into the post office. Most of them looked like they were in a big hurry to mail off packages and things they had forgotten last minute. Some of the people came running outside as though they were running from something scary and invisible. He continued to watch the people walk by. A postman waved to him and he waved back. It was the man who delivered on their street.

Suddenly, a man with a bloody arm ran down the street continually looking over his shoulder. Senon's mother was just walking outside when he ran into her. They collided and both fell hard on the sidewalk. The man got up and looked as though he was asking her frantic questions. By the look on her face, she didn't know the answers. Finally, she took the man by the clean arm and led him to the car. She opened the back door and let the man in, even though her seats were clean and white, her Christian nature got the better of her.

The man finally spoke, "I don't need anyone to pay my bills, but please just drop me off."

Senon turned in his seat and looked at the man. "Where are you going?"

"To the hospital, I got attacked by someone a little while ago."


"I'm not really sure why?"

"Were you scared?"

The man smiled. "Yes, I was scared, but your mother was kind enough to help me, so now I have nothing to worry about."

"Did he attack you with a gun?"

Senon's mother gasped. "Where did you hear about such violence?"

"Mommy, the kids at school all play cops and robbers. We have to shoot each other, or else we die."

Shaking her head, she muttered something about a conference with his teacher. The man looked nervously out the windows. "No, it wasn't a gun. He…well, um, he bit me."

Both mother and child turned around surprised. "Bit you?"

"Yeah, it was the strangest thing. I don't really think it's a good idea to talk about it anymore. Oh, yeah. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is John."

Senon said his name. His mother told him her name was Nancy.

Finally, John began to doze in the back. He had bled quite a bit. The seat was covered. Although Nancy didn't want Senon to see such carnage, she didn't want the man to die on the street. The nearest decent hospital was a 30 minute drive away. About 5 minutes from the hospital, John's breathing sounded labored and wheezy. Nancy sped up the car.

Finally, they reached the hospital's emergency wing. Nancy pulled right up in front of the doors. She shook John. He lethargically opened his eyes, then he closed them again. Nancy raced inside and got a nurse. Both came out and the nurse loaded John into a wheelchair where he hung his head over his knees. The nurse pulled him back upright. Two cold dead blue eyes stared at them. Nancy screamed. Senon turned around to watch John lunge forward and flop onto his mother.

As she struggled to push him off, Senon looked the door where john had been sitting. All the other doors were locked already. His mother screamed and tried to push John off. She only succeeded in getting two of her fingers bitten off. The nurse was pulling and tugging, but to no avail. He began to kick John as hard as he could. Nancy had stopped moving. Blood gushed from her neck. The nurse took two quick steps backwards and then fled into the hospital.

John languidly stood up and began to follow him in through the front doors. Senon began to cry and sob for his mother, but didn't dare get out of the car in case John came back. He took off his seatbelt and curled up on the seat. The car was still running, but he didn't know how to shut it off. He didn't want to look out the window at Nancy's corpse. He just wanted someone to come save him from this nightmare.

Well, that was chapter one. I hope you liked it. There will be more characters. So far the main ones to remember are Tara, Edana, and Senon. The other's were only bit players. So pay attention for them to show up again. I know this isn't scary yet, but the REAL disasters haven't hit yet. Please read and review, okay? I will thank you forever.

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