Date: October 16- 11:00AM
Location: Mack's Guns – Valdosta, Georgia

Mina shifted around in her seat, focused solely on the wood grain of the table in front of her trying to ignore the eyes on her. Her bloody t-shirt had been exchanged for a white one boasting "Mack's Guns" across the front. Gray stared fixedly while tracing the faint outline of her bra that just barely showed through. His eyes kept watching, but his brain kept smacking itself.

Mina glanced up and saw where his eyes were. Gray jumped and bounced a knee off the table making it jump and slam back down. Mina gave a small devilish grin, but only one other person saw it, and all eyes were on him in that instance.

"S-so," Gray stammered. "Um…"

Sheng looked over to Mina who had resumed an innocent disposition and was tracing a finger along a line of grain. He gave her a sidelong look for more information, but when none was returned he began. "We came from the apartments down the street. We've been there since this thing started, just the two of us." His eyes shot to Mina who still looked indifferent to the conversation. "We've had plenty to eat and the water never shut down either. But late last night, we don't know what time, those zombies knocked down one of the doors to a hallway and got upstairs. Others followed it, so we had to get out onto the fire escape. We managed to get over to the rooftop on the corner. I think it's Frenchie's or something. Anyways, we came here across the rooftops, but when we got to the bakery next door there was a vent down inside. The zombies have been around your place and haven't left so we thought maybe someone inside needed help, or we could at least get weapons to defend ourselves."

Mack scratched his chin making a rough sandpaper noise. "How many are out there?"

"At least a few dozen," he said. Mack considered for a moment while Sheng continued. "We got down into the basement since they weren't paying attention to the bakery, even though there's only glass across the front. So we started to pick the lock and that's when you showed up."

"Why did you have blood on you?"

Mina's eyes shot up to Gray's face. "Neighbors."

"I thought it was just you two."

Mina shook her head. "Well, not at first, but once someone's shared fluids with the zombies through bites or whatever, they die and come back as one of them. We don't have a way to change them back, and we can't keep them secluded. So… you know."

Gray watched as her eyes scanned the room briefly, met with Sheng's, then dropped back to the table. He looked at Sheng who made a very obvious motion to stop looking at her.

Nobody moved. Senon came into the room and sat down at an empty chair. Mina glanced up at him. Senon looked up at her with a small hint of confusion. Mina's mouth broke into the smallest grin. "Hi," she said politely.

Senon's smile dazzled as it stretched from ear to ear. "Hi!" He shifted around on the seat, pulling up his huge pants. "I'm Senon!"

"Mina," she said letting her smile come through a little more. Her cheekbones were so tall and fine, Gray noted. He looked at her greasy hair and saw the fine strands that collected around her eyes and face. The bun was coming out and strands were floating around the back of her head with little bits of light catching in them and sparkling. Gray stopped staring and shifted his gaze to the table. She was lovely. Mina and Senon finished exchanging pleasantries, then Senon said he was going to go color upstairs with the pens had found in a drawer in the kitchen. He stood up and awkwardly jogged back out with his hands pulling the pants up as high as they would go.

Then the room was silent and nobody spoke again.

Author's note: Wow! Another update! I've got nothing to do at work though, so I have to do something. May as well be productive. Also, I think I will be abandoning the time after the date. I think the date is enough and the times are getting so silly to keep up with.