the bath tub-

pubic hair & soap scum stuck onto fiberglass & that red stain - - i wish it was nailpolish but it's most likely blood

i didn't kill anyone (iswearitbaby)
i('ll) blame it on disposable razors
& tooquickforcomfort speed shaving

maybe tomorrow i'll paint my nails & spill my waterbased PASSIONred polish & smear it with my fingertips (it'll look like a struggle took place) then my wishonastar would come true

i need a brazillian wax--shave i mean--because my pubes are longer than my leg hair but

you didn't need to know that
(unless you wanted to--nevermind)
& ohgod i need a release

i'll venture to the closet & drag your body (stained & covered with gunpow--dirt)

i'll drag your body to the bathroom & relieve myself of this pressure

i wish you would (willingly) comply darling but sometimes, baby, a struggle is just more satisfying

there's a coupon for razors
in the wal-mart ad - damn
i can't resist