PETER'S RIDE By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all began on the Nineth day of August inside the garage of the Chicago,Illinois home of one of the hottest automotive airbrush artists within the entire United States of America,Peter Thorton,who was about to do something that no other car guy would dare try to do...and that is to paint the image of a hot looking naked babe on the hood of his own 1979 Ford Thunderbird.

Fortunetly,he was able to find such a babe in the form of a Karyn Parsons type known as Vanessa Hanks,a model who happens to be living in the same neighborhood that Peter lives in.

Anyway,after she has arrived at his garage and noticed that he was just about ready to start working on his masterpiece,Vanessa has walked over to a nearby sofa,taken her white robe off and placed her nude body on the sofa.

And after he had looked at his model's fantastic body,Peter has picked up his airbrush and started painting the nude image of his wonderous muse on the front hood of his ride.

And then,after he has finally finished his latest masterpiece,Vanessa has gotten off of the sofa,walked over to the finished piece and stared at it with a smile on her lips and wide eyes,just before she and Peter had turned towards each other,stared at their eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Just then,after they had experienced their own bout of pure sexual pleasure and were finally able to catch their breath,Vanessa has placed her head on Peter's chest and told him that if he wants her to do so,she would join him at the annual autorama paint off and give him her full support.

And surprisingly enough,that was what she had done...and after she had discovered that it was his ride that has won the first place prize in the paint off,a very happy Vanessa has given Peter a big,friendly hug.

As for what the future might be able to hold for the both of them,the answer to that question had came soon enough,for about a year later,both Peter Thorton and his newfound beloved bride,Vanessa Hanks-Thorton had gotten married...and it was all thanks to the fantastic image on Peter's ride.