Shedding Skin

By: Moonjava

Edited By: Diedre N. Flora

Bones span through

A translucent body which now collapses on the

Crumbling floor -

His body is now decayed,


Every man has demons,

But his are real.

The man howls once affliction controls his once steady breath.

The claws begin to flourish underneath toes and fingers -

The wolf man shrieks.

Now his body is lying on the naked floor,

Veins become too unsettling;

They pop and burn like a volcano ready to gush out all the fire.

Then the hair begins to flow all over his body,

His teeth become razor sharp,

And once kind eyes become dark with furry,

Then the nose begins to transform.

Then the wolf growls -

Takes his paws and damages the floor.

The wolf is now ready for his first kill