I am proud of the melody of this song, too bad you couldn't hear it. It is a slow song with

the acoustic piano and the cry of the violin.

This was written as a getting over "the one" but not quite there yet song. It's the grace period when you just want to wallow in your grief and loss and stuff. Hope you like it. This is one of my favorite songs to sing. :D

Run Away

I don't wanna be here where I stand with this darkness enveloping,

Where the cold seeps in, deep within where emotions lie unmoving.

Where I'll realize the love that I've been fighting for is gone,

Where I'll learn the fact that I have been holding on to lies,

Where I'll feel the pain of the dawning truth you were not here to stay,

And that you were unreal, and you were never there to start off anyway.


So I'm running away from everything that tells me that you've gone.

And I'm walking away from everything that tells me I'm alone.

So I'm keeping you here, your photographs near until the coming of the years,

Where I no longer need to doubt, where I no longer need cry out,

Where I no longer need pretend… you're here.

I tried to give you all, my love and time but you were blind you didn't see me.

And I cried for you, wept for you and yet my tears dried upon my cheeks.

Now I drown in tears the hand I used to reach to now is gone.

And I couldn't breathe you're the only one that I've been living for,

Now I'm hollowed through the emptiness is growing from inside,

And still I am alone… still I can't move on



'Cause when I close my eyes I still feel your arms surround me

I feel the fire, the warmth of your embrace

Then I opened my eyes and found myself ever so alone

The emptiness, the loneliness, the silence…

I wanna run away…