This is one of my very old pieces, made when I was around grade school. It's inspired by a friend I knew who had a soldier for a husband. This is there love story with a child's hopeful love twist. :D

Waited for the Angels

I've waited for you, you did not come and then I turned to leave,

I stood to see you standing there, waiting there for me.

I welcomed you with open arms but why'd you turn away?

I've waited for you for so long oh why'd you turn away?

Now years and years have passed by me and I learned though painfully,

But why does still my heart cry out oh please come back to me.


Oh I've waited through eternity to feel you in my arms,

I thought my heart let go of you but you held me in your palms

So now alone I'm suffering, I'm drowning in my hurt

I promised once to wait for you and I held on to my word.

Watching through the window pain as tears fall from my eyes

Stronger than the pouring rain but no one heard my cry.

I wept so hard I couldn't breathe; did you promise me a lie?

I closed my eyes, it couldn't be, and then I felt me die..


I felt the flutter of angel wings as angels came for me,

And now I see heaven's gates open up for me.

I waited for you for so long I thought you turned to leave.

I cried I saw you standing there, waiting there for me.