They say hatred is like a fire,
Consuming all conciousness and sanity,
Huge and suffocating,
Burning with ugly black smoke.

But they forget.
It is only
For an instant.
The first flash of hate.

When the bitter tears swell
In your eye,
And the lump of lead sits
In your gut.

Then it becomes a perpetual partner,
Settling in your stomach,
Poisoning your mind,
Darkening your vision.

It doesn't just stay,
No, no, how could it?
It works its evil,
Burning, burning,
All through your veins.

It's an acid that cannot kill,
But can drive you half mad.
It can destroy inside out,
A silent tormentor.

And the searing, the sharp stinging,
Will linger,
As long as you cling to that hate,
Your precious hatred.

Innocent liquid of corrosion,
Feeding on malicious thoughts.
Erasing all those memories of good,
The virtuous, the repentant,
An emotional suicide.