Alone. He didn't like being alone, especially during the night. He knew walking home by himself in the dark moonless night wasn't the safest thing. The cloudy sky was darkening over the city. He knew his parents should have moved someplace smaller. What the dark brunette boy heard made his heart nearly stop. Feelings of foreboding and fear flooded him. The inexplicable urge to just turn and run, run far and fast seized him. Footsteps echoed not too far behind. They were getting closer, and closer, falling in the same pattern as his. Someone was following him, but why? He was scared; the pursuer was male, that much he knew. It was easy to tell from the way the footsteps hit the pavement. They were not the careful, graceful, and poised steps of a lady. Should he run or stay calm and collected? Acting as if nothing was wrong, but something was wrong, he was being followed.

Out of nowhere a body hurtled into him. The boy jumped on his back. He wished someone would come rescue him. Feebly, his voice only came as a breath of air; if he could just call for help. The air had been knocked out of him. He feared for his life, but he didn't want to take this boy's. The dark haired fourteen year old tried to escape, to run far into the night, but his follower was stronger. This attacker had light hair that shone in the moonlight and dark evil eyes. Dangerous, deadly, destructive eyes.

There was a horrible struggle. The ferocious stalker punched him in the nose. He punched back, hearing the satisfying crunch of a cracking jaw. Although he despised violence it was necessary in this situation. A foot connected with his chest sending him to the ground. His head hit the pavement with a sickening crack. The figure loomed over his paralyzed form. He knew he was going to die. In and out of consciousness, he barely realized something was drawn from the pocket of the monster standing over him. It gleamed strangely in the lamp light of the alley.

A shot rang out through the silent night. It echoed eerily, as if no one was alive. One boy was dead, and one condemned. One would never leave that alleyway, and the other would flee from it for his life. Both life's, now tainted, were lost. Lost of innocence, and lost of purity; stained with human blood.