The darkness is suffocating

It's so cramped in here

I cant breath, I'm so alone

It's so small in here

That horrid music dah da dah dada da da da

Always playing when I don't want it to

And the cranking of my spring

The pain of the of the unleashed spring

Crashing through the prison roof into the light and air

The horror I see before me every time

The wicked slashes of a smile on their face

And I must grin and bare it

No not again you demons, Not in the box again

The eternity of popping into the light and air

Only to met the demons again and again

To go in the box feel the crank hear the music

Fear the demons that turn the crank

They force me into this prison over and over again

Than forget about me and leave me in the darkness


I'm Jack, trapped in the box, help me

-Wolf Paw