Absorb the night

It's a shame we can't understand the stars.

They mirror us in many ways.

In daylight they hide behind the blue and clouds,

Like we hide behind our fake indentities.

But only at night, when all is dark and lonely,

Can we truely become who we are.

We don't need to hide from the truth of the moonlight.

Everytime the stars dazzle,

They show us who we can be.

But we are too busy, admiring the beauty,

To understand what their silent voices scream.

They look so tiny and insignificant in the dark sky,

But they are trying to tell us what this means.

We are one with the earth,

But are we one with the sky?

We crave understanding,

Yet we are blind to the answers they provide.

Look at the stories behind their quiet eyes,

(What we can be is nothing in comparison to what we are)

Look for the voice in stillness of peace,

(Beware the whispers of true light, for it is that which lies)

Recognize the stars, as they gaze upon this scarred earth.

Only you can understand what they give,

Only you can contain the moon as your lover.

(Try to understand the core of your being)

Look to the stars for life.

Do you see?