Chapter One

Loud and Out Of Key

Our hands touched, but shot away before we could acknowledge it. Thighs bumped awkwardly together, but separate just as quickly. Feet knock into each other, causing me to lose balance, but you act as if you don't notice. I grit my teeth as I wipe the yellow paint away from my new jean's knees. If only I'd been stronger when my counselor put me in Leadership, why did I accept it as an option. It was just about the last class that I wanted to take, how about underwater basket weaving? Is that still open? I doubted it as I dunked my brush in the yellow paint and continued to paint an oversized 'm' on the butcher paper spread in front of me.

Painting a stupid welcome back banner with my ex-boyfriend, Mike, was the last thing I wanted to do. I still registered the fact that at one point I said I'd loved him, but I tried to forget that. Judging by the way he was acting around me, putting a show of being 'Mr. Smooth', I was pretty sure that he remembered. I hope he never forgets the way that he treated me, great one second and like dirt the next. Again, we awkwardly bumped into each other, but this time I knocked him over. I forcefully shoved my hip into his so that he fell into the w, smearing blue paint on his 'Abercrombie' sweatshirt. Like he was a prep, that was just a show he put on. Apparently selling out does wonders for your popularity, there were few times he wasn't attatched to one of the many Lambo bimbos at this school.

The Lambos made a show of letting everyone know that their Daddy's drove Lambroghinis. A few times a year they would borrow the sleek black cars and drive them to the biggest parties. But it was only the biggest parties that earn a trip out in the Lambroghinis. Everyone I knew bought into the Lambo's crap, trying to copy them and make them notice you. It seemed that I was the only one that noticed that if you ignored them,the Lambos would never leave you alone. Which is how I came to my current predicament, the Lambos were practically stalking me.

They were trying to get Mike and I back together and it seemed that they didn't take no for an answer. The funniest part of the whole thing is that there was a time when I wanted to have him back. He was my obsession and I craved his taste, which sometimes still lingers on my lips. I craved him and did everything that I could to be around him, even eat pizza at the restraunt he works at. Usually I would go get Chinese every Friday night with my best friend, Paris, but for awhile there we got pizza. Luckily, Paris ended up shaking, literally shaking some sense in me. I owe her a lot because that's just one of the many things that she's done for me. Paris has to be one of the smartest people I know and if it wasn't for her I probably would've fallen off a cliff by now. Well, I'm not that stupid, but you get my point.

"Loki!" I didn't even have to look to know it was one of the Lambos. It was one of the lower Lambos, one of those girls who had to do a lot of work to stay. The thing about the Lambos was that they weren't the only girls whose parent's owned Lambos, they were just the chosen ones. Unless you were the head Lambo, Kristin, you could drop off the edge of popularity anytime. Standing in from of me was Steph, who was on the last rung of the Lambos.

"Steph, no I will not be going to the Homecoming formal with Mike."

"That's not what I wanted. I was wondering if you could help me get an outfit for tonight. Usually I wouldn't ask you, but I like your outfit today. And if I don't look good for Mike's party then I'll get kicked out of the Lambos. Kristin is always on my ass now and I need to prove my worth again." I was surprised by the request and I would've automatically shot a no, but I could sympathize. At one point I was popular, not at the Lambos calibur, but popular. And after Mike dumped me I lost all of my friends, excpet for Paris. I knew that Paris was my only real friend, but it still hurt. The only option I had now was to offer advice and come with the poor girl. My car was in the shop anyway, she could give me a ride.

"Did you ever think that it would be nice to have real friends?"

"The Lambos are all that I have. They're the only friends that I've ever known. I don't know what I'd do without them." I shook my head, the poor girl needed to learn a few things. The Lambos only cared about money and boys, they weren't her real friends.

"How about I take you up on your offer and you can get dinner with Paris and I before the party. That way you can see how real friends act around each other. And then you can compare it the Lambos at the party. How does that sound?"

"Okay, I'm down. Class is over in like three minutes, we can slip out a bit early. Mr. Heard loves all of the Lambos."

"Okay." I got up from the floor and realized that Mike had been staring at us the whole time. What a jerk, he was probably going to try to prey on Steph's insecurity. I flipped him the finger before getting up and wiping my hands on his back. Only part of my brain registered the fact that I was flirting. Mike jumped up and pressed his hands onto my butt. When I turned I got a pretty good view of the two bright blue hand marks on my jeans.

"Looks like Loki's been getting some action." Mike smirked as he gestured towards the pant prints. What a jerk, I can't believe he would do that to me. Actually I could, he'd done a lot of things like that when we were friends and then when we were dating. But he hadn't done it since then.

"Shut it Mike." I felt heat rise in my face and I was pretty sure that I was blushing. Steph was laughing awkwardly and it was obvious to me that she wasn't finding it very amusing either. Before Mike could do anything else I grabbed my red Dickies bag and slung it over my shoulder, starting out of the room. Steph followed a few feet behind, calling for me to slow down.

"Loki, he's a jerk we all know that. But you did smear paint on his sweatshirt." I didn't want her to talk to me rationally, where was the irrational Lambo girl I was used to?

"Yeah, well he had no right."

"Oh cme on." Steph rolled her eyes at me as she finally caught up to me. "My Hummer's parked near the back of the lot." In silence we made out way to Steph's Hummer, which she'd borrowed from her Mom. It was exactly like the one that Bam Margera used to drive, which of course had given it instant cool factor. I had to admit that I was a bit jealous, but I wouldn't never actually tell anyone that. As we climbed into the car I was pretty sure that shopping with Steph would be an interesting experience.

((Author Note: This is just something that I've started writing. It's a kind of a rewrite of 'On the Clock', but not really. I hope that you like it and I hope that it doesn't sound cliched. –Kimmi))