And I'm starved
There's a definite hunger
And the pit of my stomach
Calls out for a halt

Walk along the street today
I see people, I don't need to say
"Alright, how are you?" to
I just keep on walking right through
Get a funny look when I exhale
And their eyes fall on me, they think I'm pale
Eyes lock and I'm staring right ahead
They don't notice the beads of sweat
But it's daily
Everyone is stupid

Sitting on a bench waiting for friends
Reading a book amidst cigarette ends
Something strikes the world as rather strange
About someone who isn't deranged
You've got the chance to prove them all wrong
But it's boring and it would take too long
Just keep looking right into my eyes
It's no untruth, I've no disguise
But you don't know that,
You know?

Tragedy unfolds beneath the hope
Scent of shampoo, cheap wine, cheap soap
Twenty minutes fooling around
I couldn't bear to make a sound
I don't have the time for anything
What do you feel? What are you sensing?
It's not much good for me
Have a think about who you want to be
Because I can't stop