A/N: This is the continuation of Bounty 105. I hope this second part will fill those horrible plot holes. I also hope you notice how much better written this one is. Expect an update soon!

Jeremiah laid in the white clad mattress sound asleep. He had taken quite a fall and needed all the time he could get to heal. An old man by the name of Oli Strife, limped his way to the side of the bed where he laid his arms to rest. The man limped was caused by a pass injury, which gave him the nickname of Oli Limp. This all had just become one big mess and for some reason Oli Limp could sense that everyone he thought he could trust, he could trust no longer.

A cute brunette woman by the name of Jackie walked into the room. She wore a extremely tight black leather skirt, complete with a black leather jacket.

"Mr. Strife, sir?" she said quietly, respecting the young man that rested. Oli turned to look at her and raised a hairy grey eyebrow.


"Sir, I've just gotten a call from Robert, I must leave at once,"

"Of course, hurry," Oli said nodding. Jackie left the room and closed the door behind her quietly. The old man smiled as he thought about how faithful the young woman was to him. She had completed every mission he had sent her on and he never got the sense that she would turn on him. He looked down at the peacefully sleeping Jeremiah and thought about the fight Jackie gave him. Jackie was one of his top spies and handled hand to hand combat well. Oli had sent her into Robert's headquarters to act as if she would work for him, but in reality actually spy on him. Jeremiah had happen to get kidnaped at the time and Jackie had no choice, but to guard him. Oli hoped she'd be alright and not have a problem...at least for a couple more days....

Jackie entered the building, clicking her heels as she walked. The man behind the desk in the lobby paid her no attention, knowing who she was. The security guards did the same. Though the workers in the building didn't know exactly who the young attractive woman was, they knew to not say a word to her. She worked on the top floors and they had no authority over her. Jackie walked up to the elevator and swiped her card through the black device that was attached to the wall next to the elevator doors.

"Access granted," said a sultry female voice. The doors slid open with a hiss and Jackie walked in. The elevator sped it's way to the top floor, where she would meet up with her boss, who was also the man she was spying on. As she waited, she pulled out her mirror and started to touch up her make-up. As the elevator got closer to it's destination, she started to feel uneasy, like something wasn't right. The doors opened and the room was completely empty and dead silent. The huge window at the end of the room showed the city's skyline which made the room a bit more bearable. It was one of the most boring looking office rooms ever, but it was the way Robert liked it, plain and cold.

"Kill, her," said a female voice from above. Jackie quickly looked up to the ceiling to find one of the human cyborg's that Robert's science team had created. There were two of them, known as Nurse 1 and 2, they wore skany nurse costumes which was the result of, in Jackie's opinion, Robert's secret nurse fetish. The cyborg let go of the ceiling and curled into a ball as she fell. Jackie swiftly jumped out of the way and pulled out her pistol. Why were they attacking her, had Robert found her out? She watched in amazement as the Nurse unrolled and stood in a fighting stance. That was one of the cyborg's abilities, they could contort their bodies to turn into round balls that could do some serious damage.

"Why are you attacking me Nurse 1?" Jackie asked, seeing the big red number one on the nurse's chest, indicating she was Nurse 1.

"No questions, please die," said a voice behind her. Jackie knew that Nurse 2 must have had sneaked up behind her, but she had no time to turn around and block any attack the cyborg was going to give. So she leaned forward and sent a backwards kick to Nurse 2's jaw sending her flying across the room. Nurse 1 in front of her, dashed toward Jackie and sent a bone shattering kick to her left arm, breaking it.

"Damn!" Jackie yelled out in pain. She cursed at Nurse 1 for breaking her left arm, which was her good arm on the count of her being left handed. But, she thanked God she had her pistol in her right hand. She aimed it at Nurse 1, preparing to shoot, but before she could do anything, Nurse 2 came from behind, grabbed her arm and snapped it in half. Jackie screamed out in pain, laying motionlessly.

"Enough," said a cold voice with a heavy British accent. Jackie shuddered from all the pain and used all of her willpower to look up at Robert who now stood over her. He was handsomely dressed as usual, always a black suit wearing fool. "How are you Jackie?"

"You bastard!" She yelled, spitting on his recently shined black shoes. He clenched his fist around the long black cane that he leaned on.

"Your going to regret that," Robert said, right before he took one of his feet to stomp Jackie on her face. Instinct told her to move her arms up to protect her face, but the fractures and the pain hindered her from doing so. Robert continued to send painful stomps and kicks to her stomach and face. The poor brunette's face was covered in blood and her lips were split and swollen. It was as she had feared...he had found out about her.

"So...you found out?" she groaned after he had stopped stomping her face.

"Unfortunately for you...yes," Robert said, brushing some lent of his black blazer. The elevator made a ding sound and Sylvia suddenly walked in through the elevator doors. Sylvia was also a very attractive woman, with long blonde hair. Like Jackie, she had also encountered a fight with Jeremiah.

"Wow girl...you look a bit beat up," Sylvia said slyly as she walked over to the bloody mess that was Jackie.

"Bitch!" Jackie yelled. Sylvia gave her a toothy smile and pointed a pistol at her.

"I didn't think you'd be a spy for Oli...but you've showed me that I'm not perfect and that I make mistakes...nows the time for me to fix those errors," Robert said, his voice very serious and even. "Now...have a nice afterlife," Jackie's eyes widened and she stared at Sylvia.

"It's been a pleasure darling," The blonde said as she pointed the gun at Jackie's head.

"Sylvia? But, your working-," But before Jackie could finish her sentence, Sylvia had blown her brains out. Clumps of brain and laid out on the floor, splattered all around the now dead brunette.

"Nurse 1 and Nurse 2....clean up this mess," Robert said as he walked toward the elevator. Sylvia walked along with him.

"Do you think there are anymore spies sir?" The blonde asked as the doors closed with a hiss.

"I'm not sure...but I have a hunch there's at least one more left," He said as the elevator took them down the floors of the building.