TV screens propagating the deaths

Of all the brave plastic soldiers

Dying for the government's right

To buy and sell the souls of their brethren

Getting off, ejaculation-nation

As the bombs obliterate a religion that differs from


Tolerate the discrimination for a little oil

It's his way, or it's doomsday

There's no open-mindedness to see it my way

A mine explodes, see the child's legs fly-

Crying into the camera, and dying a second later?

Where are you now FCC?

Laughing hysterically at this traumatic scene?

Jerking your cocks to all the torture and pain?

Don't you think that's a bit inhumane?

Of course you don't.

Violence is peachy-keen, everyone's seen blood before

It's saying 'fuck', and seeing people 'fuck'

That's what you abhor

But I guess it's time to stop complaining

Let the war keep entertaining

Because I want all the little children to see

The men and women sent to die

I know it makes the kids feel all warm and fuzzy inside

As long as there's no nudity

Or foul language on the TV screen

Everything will be okay

Just please keep this pornographic war going for one more day,