I've always felt as if I were

On the outside looking in.

Never was I worthy of your love or attention.

Never good enough for you;

I never measured up.

Constantly pushed aside

Feelings so dark,

Not convinced I'm alive.

But you should know that I tried

To be what you wanted;

Was it that hard to love me?

Alone in my fight,

No hope in sight...

I let the darkness consume me

And flow into my appearance.

Now, you can't stand to look at me;

I'm too evil and dark for you.

Just too fucking cold-

But don't you know you made me this way?

No, I won't take off the black.

No, I won't listen to other music.

Now you actually have a reason to hate me...

I'dof thoughtyou'd be happy.

I just have one question:

Was it THAT hard to love me?