Chapter two: Concidences

Dylan waved goodbye to me as he dropped me off to my first period class. I couldn't help but exhale a sigh. That was weird. I mean…usually when I run into people, counting guys, they look annoyed and stalk away. Maybe he was using me for Calculus answers. I rolled my eyes, why did I even try to understand guys? I scoffed at myself once again, thinking, what guys? The only guy I knew most of my life was Donovan and look where that got me…nothing. I plastered a smile on my face and walked inside the classroom and took my usual seat in the back, my eyes automatically going to Donovan who was in this period too.

To my surprise, he was looking right at me. My breath quickened and I flushed, looking away. Why was he looking at me? It's not like he ever looked at my after he just abandoned me, after entering high school.

"Class! Take out your books and turn to page 160!" Ms. Becker screeched in her frail, annoying voice. I liked all of my teachers…except her. She was opinionated and did not like me one bit. She always seemed to want to give me a hard time and embarrass me. What did I ever do to that bitch? I wondered as I unconsciously glared at Ms. Becker. No wonder there was a "Ms" in front of her name. Who could love such a hateful woman?

"Something wrong, Miss Evans?!" Shit. Ms. Hag obviously saw me glaring at her. I felt my cheeks tingeing pink as the whole class, including Donovan, turned to look back at me. I cleared my throat and shook my head,

"Not a thing is wrong, Ms. Becker" I murmured and busied myself with flipping the page to 160. I heard her melodramatic sigh and my gaze shot up to glare at her back. My eyes began to roam the room and connected to the back of Donovan's head as my thoughts were filled with happy, childlike memories. Why was I thinking so much about him?! It was getting ridiculous.

And as if on cue, Donovan turned around to look at me directly with his almost-black eyes. He arched one eyebrow, almost haughty. I clenched my teeth together, all happy memories gone and only thinking about what jerk he was. I turned back to my book, still fuming and the rest of the period droned on.


Everyone jumped up and practically ran from the classroom. First down, seven more to go, I thought. I was almost out the door…and in my haste to get out; I tripped over someone's foot and went crashing down with a sharp gasp. As my books fell everywhere, I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me back from certain death of binders piercing my jugular. The tanned arms pulled me out of the way and I was breathless for a second and in my daze just laid in my rescuer's arms for a moment.

I quickly recovered and looked straightly up into the eyes of someone all too familiar. Crap. I stumbled backward from Donovan and as he watched me curiously, "Are you all right?" his deep voice asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I muttered and dropped to my knees, scrambling to pick up my binders and books. I felt his presence next to me, terribly awkward, as he handed me a book. I stood and glanced up at him. When did he get so tall? He had to be about 6'1 or 6'2. I felt terribly small next to him.

"Err…well…thanks." I could still feel the impact of his arms around me and faintly smiled as I remembered when we were younger, wrestling. I beat him, of course. I quickly took off before Donovan had a chance to reply, leaving him standing there with a confused look on his oh, so handsome face.

Walking out of eighth period…

Finally! The day was over! I could go home…and clean. What a thing to look forward too. If only there was something to get me out of it….

"HEY!" I heard someone yell and I turned to see who it was. Dylan McKade. I smiled weakly and lifted my hand in a wave. Gee, did this boy want to be best friends now?

He caught up to me and smiled, "How was your day?" His red hair was shining in the sunlight, making it look like fire. His smile proved to be contagious and I smiled fully back, even if it was a little rusty.

"Ehh… it was okay. Yours?" The day actually had passed pretty well. I aced my history test with flying colors. I also didn't have any more weird coincidental run-ins with Donovan.

"Oh, just peachy keen," Dylan replied, easy humor across his - okay, I admit - adorable features. He continued on, "hey, I was wondering…would you like to hang out sometime?" I swear my jaw must have dropped from the look Dylan gave me. What?! ,

my mind mentally shrieked. I had never had this close contact with a boy in all of my teenage life…and already he was asking me to hang out? What are the chances?

"I…umm…" Dylan's eyes widened some and he bit his lip quickly throwing back at me,

"Hey! It's okay…if you don't want to, I understand. You just seem pretty cool and I'd like to get to know you better. Besides, who could stand up to Mr. Olivier?" Mr. Olivier was our old, worn out Calculus teacher. Guilt ran across my features… maybe I should just at least hang out with him once. It's not like I had a lot of friends and hey, this could be my distraction.


"What?" Dylan said, blinking rapidly, "Boy! And I was expecting rejection. We could go to the party that everyone's talking about Friday…" I mentally panicked, party? I hadn't been to a party all my high school life and I didn't plan on stopping that routine. It would be filled with half-naked drunks, catfights and sex, sex, sex. Stuff I was NOT interested in.

Dylan continued on, seeing my expression, "Hey, don't worry. I'm a pretty good knight in shining armor when I need to be. See? Look." He flexed his muscles, which I had to admit were not that bad.

I snickered, "Oh really, tough guy? Well, it's on. You better protect me...or else." I grinned and couldn't believe I actually said yes to going to a crazy party.

This was going to be something else…


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