Teaspoonfuls of Sugar


It trickled in, gliding-smooth, a chemical epiphany

That hadn't been there a heartbeat ago

And the shimmering mahogany strains lifted

To soothe my ears

I melted into the silky coolness of the dark upholstery

And drowned in the rough rich timbre, inhaling it in

Suffusing my soul with his liquid caress

Of planes and genial smiles and tired suede shoes

Of floating rain-wet runways, woven with waving strands of cobalt sea-blue

Delicate, stirring, strum strum strum

A fervent 4:18 minutes of bliss


And when it slipped away like a soft exhale

It still left tumbling echoes scurrying pleasantly about in my mind

Trailing wisps of resonating sweet aftertaste

Trains of gold

Which lingered, a sticky finish on the rest of the day

That I could lick at from time to time




And when you gave it to me

Proud, childishly satisfied, beaming

Glowing with happiness – radioactive with all your sparks

It was quietly endearing

Beautiful to watch

My heart smiled at those dustings of sugar

Like chocolate

Smeared across the rosy grin of a little girl


Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane –

Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues, in the middle of the pouring rain...


A/N: I just looooove "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn. Could you tell? -looks innocent-Thanks Alicia for your present! Love it lots.:)

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this too!