Wings of silver,
Hair of gold,
Bronzed skin,
Blinding dress of purest snow.

She is here,
Queen of the Day.

Birds ride upon her wings,
Butterflies flitting 'round her feet,
Sundrops tangled in her mane,
An untamed beauty for all to behold.

The sky is her realm,
The sun hers to control,
The world hers to play with
Until her blue eyes close.

Wings of gold,
Ebony hair,
Skin of purest cream,
Body shrouded in stars.

She is here,
Queen of the Night.

The Nightengale's song her lilting voice,
Moonbeams tossed around her head,
Comets fall from her mouth,
Quicksilver beauty for none to behold.

Blackened sky her home,
The moon wanes at her command,
The world her playtoy,
Until Dawn filters down.

Sister Day,
Sister Night.
Queen of Dark,
Queen of Light.
Their love for each other,
Holds strong and fast,
But always
Shall the two sisters remain
by Eternity