I hate it when you cry

Hate the tears

The world


Not you.

Never you.

What do I say?

I love you?

It's too hard

Even coming from a friend

To a friend

So much could go wrong

So I'm standing here

Watching you

Here with you

But we're both alone

Cause I can't speak

And you won't wait

It's now or never

You will cry again

But not to me

I failed you

You're beautiful when you cry

I've told you that

It didn't help

If I could take you in my arms

Like I would a sister

Stroke your hair

Whisper meaningless nothings

Look you in the eyes

Kiss you on the forehead

But you are not my sister

The kiss would not be chaste

You know this

I know this

So we're still alone on either side of grief

Cross to my side

Or take me with you over there

And I'll cry for you in silence.