A/N; I guess this can be either a song or a poem, depending on how you look at it.


Oh, my dear Josephine
Please heed my warning
This world is filled with hate
Never give your heart away
Run, run, run before it's too late

Josephine, my dear Josephine
He'll break your heart
Take it from me-he'll give you lies
Then he'll leave you alone
And you'll die from grief

Oh, sweet lovely Josephine
Why didn't you listen to me?
Don't cry
You'll be alright
Stay with me

Josephine, my dear Josephine
He broke your heart
he broke your dreams
He stole almost everything
Oh, what were you thinking?

Did you believe his love was true?
There is no such thing, no such thing
Josephine, listen to me
What i say is true, you can be sure

Don't believe anything anyone tells you
They'll only let you down
Deceitful people say they love you
Spin you around and around
Then they'll steal your soul

But I'll protect you, you're safe with me
I'm the only one you'll ever need

Josephine, oh Josephine
They'll steal your soul
Break your mind
They'll be your hope's demise
Your faith's ruin and your sanity's end
Hold on to your innocence
My darling Josephine

Have I ever given you reason not to trust me?
Have I ever been untrue?
I know you know I'm right
Coz I'm the only one who's ever loved you
I won't betray you, I can't leave you
I'm with you all the time
Inside of your mind