Other sides


Jamie Delaney's short blonde hair fell into her eyes as she looked across the lunch room table as she repeated, "How did I get a job there?"

Susan McNeil smiled back, her perfectly curled black hair giving her a glossy kind of beauty. "You have to admit, it's not the sort of job I'd expect for a geek," she teased gently.

Jamie pushed up her glasses, her baggy sweatshirt concealing a thin, athletic form. "Well, that's true," Jamie conceded. "It's a bit of a long story though."

"Damn," Susan murmured, chewing on her cafeteria meal. Her eyes brightened, "Meet you after school?"

"I'll walk you home," Jamie smiled wryly, "as long as it won't hurt your rep too much to be seen with me."

"I wouldn't be having lunch with you if I was worried about something like that," Susan waved it off casually.

"True," Jamie grinned. A bit more seriously she added, "Since we started having lunch together, I notice the top clique's been avoiding you."

"They recently learned about my two mommies," Susan looked amused as she added, "nothing to do with you."

"That's a relief," Jamie admitted. "Anything I can do?"

"Unless you can change prejudices," Susan shrugged, "I'll be happy just having a new friend to hang with."

"Fair enough," Jamie said just before the first warning bell rang.

"Damn," Susan scarfed down the last of her food as she said, "catch you after school?"

"Under the tree by the main gate." Jamie agreed then they both hurried off.

Susan smiled wryly as she headed for classes, noting that in the past two weeks she had really learned who her friends were. She still didn't know who had decided to spill the details of her home life, but the rumor had quickly spread around the school, leaving her with the metaphorical scarlet letter. Since then a lot of rich girls she thought had been friends had faded away, leaving a core of people she now knew she could rely on.

"Hey Susan," Tasha smiled as she hurried in then the brown haired girl added, "saved a seat for you." Dressed in her usual blouse and stylish skirt Tasha looked oddly sweet, almost like a old fashioned girl.

"Thanks." Susan grinned as she sat down beside her classmate. Seating had also become a problem with her family's outing. People she might have previously sat beside now closed ranks, meaning it could be real trouble finding a spot with a friendly classmate.

Tasha dropped her voice a bit as she leaned over towards Susan. "Have you ever been to Isis?" she asked her softly.

"Once or twice," Susan confirmed a bit warily.

"Did you see that blonde waitress? She's so handsome I could just die! I wonder who she is?" Tasha nearly squealed.

"She is cute,' Susan agreed as she tried to hide her amusement. 'Wonder how Tasha would react knowing our nerdy classmate Jamie is really her blonde cutey?' she mused.

"God, I'd kill to ask her out," Tasha sighed.

"I thought you were straight," Susan blinked.

Tasha gave her a wry look, "With someone like that, I'd switch."

Jamie was standing in the shade of the tree as she casually watched students pass by, gazing over the top of the textbook she was pretending to be reading from. Her heart skipped a beat as Susan hurried up, the black haired woman wearing yet another of her sexy outfits, the jeans almost painted on.

'I wonder if she even notices what those clothes do to me?' Jamie wondered as she smiled and said, "I see you survived another day."

"Barely," Susan grumbled. "That gym teacher is a sadist!"

Jamie smiled as she put her book away then slung on her heavy backpack, "So what'd she do this time?"

"Ran laps for the whole period," Susan groaned.

"We'll walk slow," Jamie said as they headed out.

"We'd better," Susan laughed as she walked beside her. She gave Jamie a impish look, "You've made another conquest, by the way."

"Oh?" Jamie raised a eyebrow.

Susan's eyes twinkled, "My straight classmate Tasha would happily go gay for you."

"God save me from straight girls," Jamie shook her head wryly.

"That bad?" Susan asked.

Jamie felt herself blush, "Not going into detail, but it's not fun being with someone who flops on their back and expects you to do everything."

Susan chuckled softly, "I see what you mean." She brightened, "Weren't you going to tell me about working at Isis?"

"Right." Jamie shrugged. She away, pushing her glasses up, "I had been going there a few months before then, which is where I heard they were looking for new staff."

"They already had the whole girls dressing as hot guys theme going?" Susan asked her curiously.

"To a extent," Jamie agreed, "tho more in a soft butch kind of way. Boyish, so as to be non threatening to the few straight girls that ventured in."

"I can imagine," Susan noted.

"I wanted a job so I wouldn't feel so much like I was sponging off my parents," Jamie admitted, "so I applied."

"In school clothes?" Susan asked impishly.

"Thankfully no," Jamie looked sheepish. "I couldn't find anything good in my closet, but my uncle had left some stuff when he last visited..."

"And you borrowed a suit?" Susan guessed.

"Yup." Jamie smiled shyly, "I was a big hit, too."

Susan thought about her own reaction to the young woman and murmured, "I'll bet."

"Anyway," the faintly blushing Jamie continued, "I got the job and was encouraged to keep wearing the tux, and later a modified waiter outfit."

"Been their long?" Susan asked curiously.

"Nearly a year," Jamie admitted.

"Must be odd, maintaining that other life," Susan murmured as they neared her house.

Jamie looked thoughtful, "Kind of, yes. But I find it oddly freeing too."

"Really?" Susan asked as she hesitated by the walkway up to her house.

"When I'm at Isis I don't have to worry about my classmates view of me or their expectations," Jamie smiled, "I can be something completely different."

"Susan!" a voice called from the house.

"Uh oh," Susan murmured as her mother trotted out of the house.

"Shall I go?" Jamie asked.

"Too late," Susan sighed.

"Hi, I'm Ray," the tall, also black haired woman smiled as she introduced herself to Jamie. "Susan, bring her up to the house! We have cake..."

"You in a hurry?" Susan grinned shyly at Jamie.

"Is it chocolate cake?" Jamie smirked.

"Of course," Ray grinned.

"Then I'll stay for cake," Jamie shrugged.

To be continued...