The Stalker

Sorry dear, I just couldn't resist,

The fact that you've forgotten I exist,

Those moments when the world was so kind,

Are only memories now, engraved in my mind,

Those conversations we used to share,

Are over now to my despair,

Though I know you think it strange,

I'll watch you forever from this range,

I no longer can see you in person, you arranged that yourself,

But I still carry your image in my heart like a picture on a shelf,

You will continue to hide, but with me that is fine,

I can still read your thoughts you've written online,

This much you don't know, and it's to my benefit,

One day I'll appear to you in the dying rays of a sunset,

The evils of time have kept us apart,

I'll fight them off, and steal your heart,

But after this, dear, will you run away?

You must know I'll chase you night and day,

My darling, my desire, for so long I couldn't find,

And when I caught up, they were right behind,

They shot me dead before your feet,

Is that the way we had to meet?

To die in such a horrid way,

Before you could hear what I had to say?

But I died only in the confines of a dream,

I still had time, or so it would seem,

I now quest for knowledge in the darkest desperation,

The desire to die is the strongest temptation,

I hate myself for my prying eyes,

And hiding the madness with terrible lies,

Lying to myself is the darkest treason,

As I try to give my insanity reason,

Did you know I was this far from normal?

Are there answers in your journal?

No one knows obsession like the stalker in this rhyme,

I'm lost in my obsession and I'm running out of time.