Here I will describe my loving fellow questee's, because sometimes I –er- am prone to exaggeration, as certain someones have told me. So here, my friends, are my lovely (not, well, some) fellow people in a nightmare. I know, my loving little diary book thing, sometimes you think I lie. And sometimes I do. But mostly, I don't. So you can believe-most-things I tell you. Mandy

Prince Glen-the "white knight" noble prince.

Prince James (Jimmy)-the royal pain in the ass

Prince Brian-the "class clown" prince

Lady Lilith- the imposing rival (a.k.a. my greatest foe, and a complete –well, you know- )

Nicole-the village girl who gets it all (a.k.a who I want to strangle).

Kellara- some weird old sorceress woman who thinks witches aren't as good as she is (she really needs some medication, if you ask me)