Stage One

"… As I said, it was most likely your brain playing tricks on you. Sometimes in panicked situations, people can hear voices, it's not uncommon." the doctor said.

Ciel was sitting up in his bed in hospital. It was a few hours since his head had started doing nothing short of spouting blood.

"So what caused the bleeding?" Ciel asked.

"Well, to be honest, I had trouble finding one. But in all I think it's most likely that it was due to the trauma that you suffered to the back of your head."

"Trauma? What do you mean?"

"When you were unconscious, and I was examining you, I discovered dried blood, and a swollen cut in the back of your head. How did you do it?"

Ciel's felt the back of his head with his two forefingers. There was definitely some kind of injury there.

"I didn't. I mean, I don't remember doing it."

"Well, that may just be part of the trauma. I'm going to give you a few painkillers, rest up for a few hours and then you should be able to go."

"Okay. Fine. Thanks." He said, unsurely. He was sure, totally sure, that he had no injuries this morning. Now, a gash in the back of his head and a concussion bad enough to make blood come out of his eyes.

He thought back to when he'd collapsed. He tried to think back further, but there was something wrong. He couldn't remember.

"Doctor, I can't remember anything for about a week before this morning." He said, only realizing it as he said it.

"There may be some short term memory loss. It will come back."

Ciel dropped the subject then, but the doctor had not done much to ease him.

A few minutes after he took the painkillers, a wave of sleep came over him. His mind drifted back to the nurse. There had been a nurse there, when he woke up. She was pretty. He reminded himself to make sure he saw her again before he left.



Ciel awoke, and found himself staring into the eyes of that same nurse. They were green, shimmered like the finest opals. She smiled at him.

"Hi. How do you feel?" she asked as she was straightening his sheets, as they'd become ruffled from his sleep.

He took a few seconds to answer.

"Hi. Um, fine. Thank you."

She just smiled at him again.

Ciel grinned back at her, but his grin quickly faded. He felt a rushing feeling at the back of his throat, as if twice the amount of blood as usual was trying to squeeze through the veins there.

He felt blood drop onto his lip, not pouring, but just slowly trickling.

The feeling began to spread, first down through his shoulders and arms and then slowly down through his legs, to his toes. His head felt full, fit to burst.

A panicked expression came on to his face.

"I think something is wrong."

His skin began to pinken, and it seemed as if blood was just surging through his skin. Blood began to drip from seemingly random places in his arm, first a couple appearing at his wrist, and then more formed lower down.

Ciel felt a sharp sensation shoot through from his elbow down, and he knew what was going to happen.


Blood started to run from his pores, streaming down his arm. It was the most intense form of agony, and it spread quickly, back up his shoulders, up his neck and the feeling immersed his head. His eyes prickled as they began to bleed.

He screamed, louder than the combined voices that had been echoing in his head just that morning.

Soon, the whole bed with soaked red, dripping onto the floor.

He felt the last of his life drop away.