The body of Klane Omendeth was found by Ilenthian scouts soon after he died. The forest had become noticeably brighter; the shades had vanished with their mistress, and the last of the evil of the West was wiped out. And on the morning of his death, far off in the wild island of the Othle tribes, Klane's beloved sister, Kelna, was wed to a man she loved and esteemed.

Ameina was wrought with woe at the tidings of Klane's death. She mourned over his funerial beir and kissed his cold face, unmoving and pale. Her heart was twisted with greif, for she indeed saw him again, but he did not see her.

As Maida wept over her lost love, the Ilenthian men mourned over the loss of a brave and promising young captain. Klane Omendeth died a hero, and thus his story is concluded with a last nod to him, in the words of a simple song concocted by Maida at his burial, in remembrance of days past.

Maida's Song

"May your home in the heavens

Be warmer than our hearth

May your earthen pillow

Be smoother than our beds

May the friends who greet you

Love you better than our kind

And may the song of the spirits

Ring sweetly in your head

…Sweetly in your head

…Sweetly in your head

As sweetly as my song once rang."


Well, there you have it. Mack, I hope you liked it in spite of the unhapppy ending...he was such a hero, he deserved a dramatic death with lots of tears.

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