It Fell to Earth



It fell to Earth outside the eastern border of Arkansas. It fell near a town of no importance. The only ones who saw it fall was a truck driver going toward Memphis, the other a little boy as he awoke from a dream about wolves. The little boy saw it as a falling star.

It wasn't a falling star though.

The creature that emerged from the little twisted craft was named, "Webnilid." It was a code name meaning protection. Web looked up at the sky it had fallen from and gazed in the direction of Perseus. A counter that was imbedded in the brain of Web began to tick off increments. Web was a foot tall and looked something like a human, but was so squashed that he didn't look like anything really recognizable at all. The skin was like a viscous fluid that was solid and wet at the same time.

"Beeelyop," it cooed as it peered back at the craft it had arrived in. The ship began to melt. Soon it would be as if it hadn't even been there at all.

Web waddled around its new environment and sniffed at the strange air. It felt cool on its skin. Web then sensed movement up ahead from a grove of bushes. Waddling over to take a closer look, Web saw a rabbit appear from under one of the bushes. Web then was still as it studied the strange creature it had discovered. The rabbit couldn't smell or even sense Web, but he stopped all the same for he had heard the waddling. The rabbit's whiskers twitched and he put his head down as if unsure of himself. Satisfied with finding no predator, the rabbit then returned to his search for the tastier grasses beneath the bushes.

Web simply occupied the spot it had stopped at and thought. It needed nourishment for the long time it had to wait. The scan Web had been conducting was soon completed. And without even a breath the rabbit was bitten in two faster than a frightened bird suddenly taking flight. The back half continued to kick at the dirt trying to get away as Web ingested the front half.

"Beew," it sounded as it sat and felt the alien flesh slide into its belly. "Beeeew," Web managed again as it took its time eating the second half.

The breeze picked up then and Web was content for a time.

After an hour of awakening certain circuits and memory glands, Web began to sprout long steel-like talons from its pudgy little feet. It dug at the grass and dirt beneath it. Web then flexed its toes and feet, rising up like a ballet dancer.

"Wobeop," Web cried as it jumped up fifty feet cleanly into the air. It enjoyed the wind on its body as it fell, pointed straight at the ground, the talons like the point of a spear.


Web entered the ground with ease. The dirt was soft and Web felt at home; it had been bred for this specific purpose. Using its feet and the knife-like talons, Web dug deeper and deeper.

And deeper it went.

By the time several hours had passed, and the sun had risen overhead and shined across the landscape, Web was nearly one-thousand feet beneath the ground.

Another circuit, this one activating something called the 'drop function', whirled into life. After thirty or forty minutes, Web was inside the largest undiscovered gold deposit on the Earth three-thousand one-hundred and fifty feet below the surface. The Masters had gotten Web to the right spot on the blue globe after all. It had been frightened in its way that the Masters could possibly have miscalculated. But there was no need to worry now.

Here, Web would wait.

At realizing where it needed to be, Web initiated the osmosis circuit and soon began to disperse its body and molecules throughout the gold. This would take time to fully accomplish. The Masters told it no more than four-thousand three-hundred and twenty-two of this planet's years. Not that long really.

As Web's mind began to grow quiet with the meditative state, as equally artificial as it was self induced, it thought of its home and dreamed of the day it would return.