Tululin, Son Of The Maker

Chapter One: Never A Son To Start With

"Please stop this, Julia… he has done nothing. We have tried so many times for a child…" came the deep voice of the 60 year old Professor Ian Isling. A grand professor who has created many things to help out with work in the house, and outside. For 25 years the professor had tried to create life ever since he and his wife, Julia had never been able to be blessed with children. The professor had at last created life, a son… Tululin.

"He has done nothing wrong, but you have!" shouted Julia, a medium build woman in her late 50's. She frowned upon Ian and shook her head, "He isn't a son, he is a test subject."

"No, Julia, he is alive, he moves, he talks… he is a son… for us." Ian told her, shaking his head and gently holding her hands. "Please, Julia… please, he is our son."

"He is no son, just skin stitched together."

"He is so much more than that. He is life… I have made him."

"That's the problem, he has been made, not born." she said, looking at him in the eyes, "Please, Ian… please… I'd rather have no son than him."

Two black eyes sadly watched the two arguing in the grand hall. If he could have cried, he would of. The two black eyes closed. He held the strong feeling of guilt for his life, even though it was not his fault for his life. He stayed huddled to himself on the stairs like a child and kept his eyes closed.

Ian looked up the stairs to him… his son, "Tululin…" Julia looked up too but she didn't speak.

"Hello, Father." came a strange voice for a boy, it was kind of light, but sadness was heard from it. Tululin had watched and listened to many arguments between the two people that were meant to be his parents.

"Hello, Tululin." Ian said and smiled warmly up to him. "What are you doing there?"

"I have finished learning the colours, Father." Tululin spoke, his two black eyes shined down at them.

"You have?" Ian asked, sounding overjoyed and talking to Tululin like he was a 5 year old. "That's fantastic. Have you got them all right?"

"Yes father… but blue colour can be hard."

"Yes, you must just keep learning. To have a good education is a gift." Ian smiled up to his best work. Even though Ian didn't class Tululin as work, to him, Tululin was real, a son.

"Yes Father." Tululin replied. "I am learning very well."

"I know." Ian smiled and looked to Julia.

"Very well?" Julia asked and looked at Ian. "It has taken him 5 months to learn the alphabet."

"Julia, you must understand that he has to learn to do everything. He must learn to get his brain to work."

"I have had enough of this…" Julia muttered and frowned. "I wanted a real son. Not something that has to think to move a finger!" she said loudly.

"Julia, please!" Ian shouted, looking at her.

Tululin's eyes filled with sadness. "Mother…"

"Do not call me mother!" Julia shouted sadly, "I am not your mother, he isn't even your father!" she shouted up into the darkness of the staircase as she pointed at Ian.

"Julia!" Ian shouted at her and frowned. "Stop this, now!" he demanded. He looked up to Tululin and pulled a smile, "Tululin, my son, go upstairs and go to your room, I will be up soon, I promise."

"Yes father. I'll go and look over some colours." Tululin replied and looked at his father. He reached up to the spindles in the staircase, four hands, not two held on as he pulled himself up.

"You could have made him look a little bit more like a human too!" Julia said, frowning at the four hands.

Tululin quickly left them, staying in the shadows. He entered a room sadly and closed the door.

Ian looked at Julia, "Julia, that was completely out of order!" he shouted sadly. "Tululin is perfect, if only you weren't as blind to see it!"

Julia frowned at him and turned, she entered the kitchen and slammed the door. "Stupid male." she grumbled under her breath and frowned at two cups, "Enough of this." she muttered and started to brew some tea. She opened a bottom cupboard and drew out rat poison and looked at it, slowly losing her frown. "This must be done." She said to herself and took out a teaspoon. "He can't play God any longer." she muttered as she started to put a few teaspoons of the rat poison into her husbands' tea.

Meanwhile, Ian was looking into Tululin's room, "Tululin, my son. Do not listen to her."

"I am trying not to, Father, I am learning." came Tululin's voice from the darkness.

"Good boy." Ian smiled to his son, "Good night. I must go and speak to your mother."

"Good night, Father…" Tululin said and looked to him, the shining eyes in the darkness watched him.

Ian looked at him and smiled widely, he entered the room and knelt, reaching into the darkness and hugging Tululin, he smiled at him, "I love you, Tululin, my son."

"I love you too, Father." came Tululin's voice and slowly, four arms wrapped lightly around Ian, hugging him.

"Tululin, there are some people in this world that are mean, but there are some people in this world with a beautiful soul." Ian smiled at him, "Would you like me to light a candle?" he asked and stood.

"No, Father, I am fine without light." Tululin answered and thought about what Ian had told him.

Ian slowly stood, "As you wish." he said happily and backed out, "Tomorrow we can work on numbers again." he smiled and closed the door. He walked to his bedroom where Julia already was.

She smiled and held a cup to him, "I'm sorry." she said.

Ian smiled, "It's okay." he replied and took the cup, "Tomorrow we will work on numbers. He can count to fifty." he said, sounding overjoyed and slowly he drank, but only a little, he sat on the bed and looked at the cup oddly, "It this tea okay?"

"It's fine." Julia answered and sat on the other side of the bed. "Just been going a little cold maybe."

He gave a nod and smiled as he drank the rest of his tea and placed the cup on the side. He kissed Juila's cheek, and lay, "I feel odd…" he said and looked like he was going to be sick. "Julia?" he asked and laid down, he coughed a few times and stared up. "Juila, what's wrong with me?" he asked and felt his chest.

Julia watched sadly, "I'm sorry, Ian… my love… but, you can't go on doing what you are doing."

Ian stared at her, "Julia, what have you done?" he asked. "Tululin… he needs me."

"No. I needed you two." Julia said and looked at him. "Lay and sleep." she said and knelt on the bed, pushing his shoulders down to make him lay.

Ian tried to sit up, but he felt oddly, he moaned and Julia kissed his cheek. Ian's body felt tight and he laid still, "Julia?"

"Ssh…" Julia told him and pulled a pillow over his face and held it tightly down on each side, taking his air away. Ian called and cried out and moved his arms and legs around, but it was no good, soon his body fell limp and his hand dropped and hung over the bed. Julia closed her eyes but still held the pillow down tight. Ian was dead. The professor lay lifeless. Julia took the pillow away and looked at her dead husband, "Ian, I am sorry." she said sadly and stood. She quickly, but quietly walked out and closed the door. Then moved quietly down the stairs and outside, closing the door.

Julia was never seen again. She left her dead husband. She never removed anything from the house at all, only herself.

When the dawn broke, Tululin woke to and smiled. He walked out of his room and across the hall, "Father?" he said slowly and knocked on the door. When he got no answer, he knocked again, "Father?" he asked louder and gently turned the handle and entered, "Father… come, it's morning, lets go and learn numbers." he said and looked at his dead maker. When his father didn't move, Tululin went to him, "Father? I would like to learn." he said and reached out one pale hand and touched Ian's cheek, "Father, you're so cold… Why?" he asked and when he never got a reply, Tululin stared, his black eyes went wide, "Father?" he almost shouted and stroked his fathers cheek. "You need a doctor, father…" he said and ran to his room again, quickly, he pulled a cloak around himself and ran to his fathers side. "I'll get you a doctor, father!" he said and picked him up in his four arms, holding him close. He made his way outside.

Once outside, Tululin ran, holding his father, his eyes wide. "Help!" he called. He ran on, entering the small village. "Help!" he called.

About fourteen people turned to look at him. "What seems to be the matter?" a man asked.

"My father hasn't woke. He is ill" Tululin said and lay Ian on the ground.

"Professor Isling?" the man asked, "He doesn't have a son." he said as he bent down and checked for a pulse. He looked at Tululin, but only saw shining eyes and… four hands. "Of my God!" he shouted and backed away fast. "Isling isn't ill, he's dead, I bet he was killed by this monster!" he shouted.

"Monster?" a lady asked, looking at the shocked man.

"This thing has four hands!" the man said. "I bet he killed the professor himself!" he said. Another man held a pitch fork and threw it at Tululin.

Tululin stared, watching them from under his cloak, he backed up, "But… my father…"

The crowd of people looked at Ian, and of course, blamed Tululin, they started to throw rocks and sticks, anything they could until Tululin turned and ran. The crowd took chase.

Tululin stared forwards, running. "Father?!" he shouted sadly, "What's wrong?" he asked, even though, of course, Ian wasn't there. The crowd of villagers followed until Tululin ran to his home and closed the door, closing himself away from the world. The people stopped.

"I don't want to go in there." one man said.

"Nor I, who knows what is in there?!" another shouted.

"So we are just going to leave him alive? A monster?" a lady asked.

"He won't come out." the first man said. "He won't…" After a while of arguing between themselves, they left.

No-one ever returned to the large house, it was left alone by everyone… everyone, but one person… Tululin. Tululin kept himself in the home where he has always been, in the home where he was made and where he was once happy. Left alone in the shadows of the house where he felt great sadness for his makers loss.

Two Months Later…

"Who used to live there, Daddy?" asked a four year old little girl. She smiled, pointing at a large house. The little girls blonde hair came down to her shoulders. Her skin was a beautiful, healthy peach colour and her green eyes sparkled in the moonlight as she and her father stood out in the woods, looking upon the house.

The house she had pointed to was huge. Fresh smelling green moss covered the stone cold bricks. The house looked like a small castle. Its' windows were build like windows from a church. This was once the professors' house.

"There?" came the deep sound of her father's voice. "A monster."

"A monster father?" the small girl asked.

"Yes, a monster, a killer." her fathers voice told her as his eyes watched the house with close eyes.

"Who did he kill, Father?" she asked and looked unsure.

"That man that lived there. Mr Isling" he answered.

"Is the monster still alive?"

"He should be, it was only two months ago. We chased him here, he ran inside. We didn't follow. Who knows what's in there." her father muttered. "We should have followed him and killed him."

The small child looked at the house, then her father again, "Was he a monster with wings and a tail?"

"No, nothing like that." her father replied. "He… well… never got a good look at him." her father said, looking at her, he held an axe, "I must work, Caelyn." he told his daughter and pulled a smiled as he stroked her hair and walked off a little.

The little girl watched her father. She then looked to the house and walked towards it. "Monster?" she asked herself and looked up at the moss covered walls. Caelyn slowly pushed open the oak doors and entered, "Hello?" she called and heard her echo came back to her. She smiled and walked in, her feet tapped against the floor and she looked up at the staircase, "Hello?!" she called and smiled. When she got no reply, she fiddled with her locket and started to walk up the stairs, "I don't believe in monsters." she said and looked at the hall. She turned and entered a room. Tululin's room. "Hello?" she called once more.

But this time something moved, in the darkness, four hands flashed in the moons light and then shining black eyes.

Caelyn screamed out, her hand flew to her sides, ripping the necklace for herself, it fell to the ground and she ran, screaming down the stairs, she left the house, still screaming. Fear in her eyes what was once a beautiful coloured skin was now pale.

But… back in the house, one of Tululin's hands reached out from the darkness and ever so gently, traced over the locket…

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