Chapter Six : I Double Dare You

Tululin awoke early the next day, it was six in the morning. He looked out of the window as he sat up and then stood. He looked around his room, "Harry?" he asked as he made his bed, "Are you around?" he asked, when he thought that he got no answer, he walked out of his room and into the hall. "Harry?" he called as he walked down the stairs.

Tululin entered the kitchen, his rocks were where he had left them. "Harry, have you been talking all night?" he asked. He sighed sadly, "Harry… you never talk to me this much." he said as he felt lonely now, he looked at Hailey, "I have nothing against you, I am just upset." he told the female rock. Tululin looked at Harry. "Harry, can I speak to you?" he asked and looked at him. Then at Hailey, "Alone." he added and folded his bottom arms. "Fine!" he shouted and as the rock… of course… didn't move. "I bet I can find another friend just as good as you!" he shouted.

Eyes watched him from the window. Two sets of eyes as Tululin argued with the rocks.

"I can, you just wait and see!" Tululin shouted and walked out of the room and into the garden. "Harry was my friend and now he has left me!" Tululin said, his voice was filled with sadness as he stared at the growing garden. "My Harry… mine…" he said and looked over the grass.

The two people watched and tried not to laugh. "He is crazy." one said.

"I know, a crazy man, wearing a coat to make it look like he has four arms!" said another. They were children, two boy around the age of ten. "I dare you to go inside." said the red headed boy.

The boy with brown hair shook his head, "I'm not going in there." he said fast, still shaking his head. "I bet that he is some crazy killer with ghosts and everything!"

The red head laughed at him, "Chicken!" he said. "You're scared of a man… he isn't going to hurt you, look, he is out in the garden… I double dare you."

The brown haired boy looked around to Tululin. "Well, I dare you to take one of his rocks." he said and smiled.

The red head nodded and laughed at his friend, "Okay." he said, "You have to go in and…" he stopped and thought, "Find his bedroom and take something."

"Okay." the brown haired boy agreed and the two children shook hands, they walked around to the front door. "I can't believe that we have never came here before." he said to his friend.

"I know." the red head smiled and pushed open the front door. The two walked in the front door, "Wow…" they said together and looked around the grand hall. The red head looked into the kitchen and crept in, he picked up Harry after looking at they two rocks. "This guy is mad." he laughed quietly and crept back, holding the rock and smiling.

The brown haired boy looked at him, then the rock. "Do I… have to?" he asked, looking up the staircase and then to his red haired friend.

The red head nodded, "I have done my deal, now it's your turn!" he smiled.

The brown haired boy looked up the stairs, he was scared as he walked up slowly, but quietly. He got to the upstairs hall.

The red head watched him and smiled.

The brown haired boy walked on, slowly pushing open some doors until he came to Tululin's room, "I wonder if this is it." he said as he looked into the dark room. He entered, the sunlight was the only light in the room, and it was hard to get through the dirt on the windows. He looked around and opened a drawer, inside was four gloves, a scarf and socks. He looked at the four gloves, "This man really thinks he has four hands." the boy laughed to himself. He picked up a needle and some cotton and placed it into his pocket. He smiled to himself as he looked at the bed and then the blanket covered in holes. He picked it up and held it close.

The brown haired boy then looked into a different drawer and found a cracked mirror, "He must be ugly." he laughed quietly and looked at small pile of odd pennies and held one up, it was bent. All of the coins in the pile were bent. "Cool." he boy laughed again and placed all of the coins into his pocket. Then picked up a drawing. The drawing was of Tululin. His father had drawn it. Tululin was standing in the picture, it looked like a blueprint of him, writing on the back. The boy turned over and read,

I have made life, I have made something great

A son of my own for both I and my wife: Julia

Together the three of us will be the prefect family

I have given Tululin another set of arms

The reason for this is that one set of arms

might die and he wouldn't be able to use them.

I have also given him four hearts

Just to make sure that he stays alive.

I have spent years trying to make this

And now I have, Tululin, my son.

The boy raised an eyebrow, "Wow, they were all crazy." he said and tilted his head to the side as he looked at the picture again before he placed it back. He left the drawer open and went to look under the bed, until he heard…

"HARRY?!" Tululin shouted sadly, "HARRY WHERE ARE YOU?!" he yelled and went wide eyed as he stood in the kitchen.

The red head quickly and quietly moved into the living room, hiding behind the door, holding the rock.

Tululin looked at Hailey, "Where is he, Hailey?!" he asked and stared at the rock. "Harry?!" he shouted and ran into the hall and then up the stairs.

The brown haired boy froze as he heard the Tululin running up the stairs. Tululin turned and ran into his fathers old bedroom. The brown haired boy came out, he looked and saw Tululin in the bedroom. He would have gone down the stairs, but heard Tululin coming out of the room. The boy ran as quiet as he could and entered the laboratory, leaving the door open.

Tululin ran out of his fathers room and stopped dead, looking at the laboratory door, "Open?" he asked himself, worried, "Father?" he called sadly. He was truly scared now, "Father?" he called again, "… are you a ghost?"

The boy looked at the blanket with holes in and covered himself with it. He was also scared. He shook lightly, trying to think.

The red head down the stairs started to think, he was worried about his friend, he placed the Harry down in the living room and crept to the front door. He opened it quietly and then slammed it shut. He turned and ran back into the living room.

Tululin stared and turned, looking down the stairs, "Father?!" he called. He came very slowly down the stairs, "Father?" he whispered and held his hands together. Tululin was scared. This was easy to see, he walked to the front door, shaking. "Mother…?" he asked sadly, "Friend Caelyn?" he asked, "Please some body hug me." he said and wanted to cry. Four hearts beat fast in his chest, they were almost heard.

The red head thought fast again. He took a sling shot from his pocket and a stone. He aimed in to the kitchen and fired. The stone flew and smashed a window in the kitchen.

Tululin backed up, hitting the wall, "Father?" he called out again, scared, he looked around with his black eyes and crept into the kitchen.

The red head left Harry and walked fast and quietly up the stairs, looking for his friend, he scanned every room fast upstairs but didn't see him. "Thomas?" he whispered.

The brown haired boy came out from under the blanket and looked at his friend in the hall, "Jason…" he said.

The red head looked at him and went to him quickly, "Thomas… I have an idea… he is scared." he smiled and hugged his friend.

The brown haired boy: Thomas nodded. "I know, so am I." he answered, looking up at him.

The red head: Jason, smiled and looked to a coat stand. "Prefect." he said and pushed it along. It had a dust covered hat of the professors on top. "We need a bed sheet."

Thomas stood and looked out to the hall, he tiptoed in to Tululin's fathers room and pulled the covers off. He then ripped the white bed sheet off and carried it to Jason.

Jason smiled as he stood on a chair, he took Ian's hat down. Thomas held a corner of the sheet up to him and Jason took it and pulled the sheet until it was even over the coat stand. Jason laughed lightly and placed the hat on top, "Thomas…" he smiled and hid under the sheet, Thomas got under with him. They waited…

Tululin was still in the kitchen, "Father?" he said slowly and looked at the smashed window. "Have I done wrong?" he asked no-one and then hugged Hailey. "Harry?!" she called out, still wishing that he could cry. "Harry, I need you… please come back! I didn't mean anything I said… I could never ever find a friend like you ever again… Harry, you are my best find… please come back, please!" he shouted sadly. He let go of Hailey and walked out into the hall.

Jason moved out of the sheet and smashed a glass bottle on the laboratory floor, then hid under the sheet again.

Tululin stared up the stairs, "Friend Caelyn?… mother? Harry?" he asked sadly. Begging for somebody to help and hug him. He walked up the stairs, shaking.

"Ready?" Jason whispered. Thomas nodded and the two children waited until Tululin was on the top of the stairs.

Tululin looked at the empty hall, "Father, are you here?" he asked the hall.

Jason nudged Thomas under the sheet and the laboratory door was pushed open fast, "AHH!" the two boys yelled, pushing the coat stand forwards. With the sheet over it, it looked like a ghost. Tululin's eyes went wide and he stared, completely going into shock, he backed away, only to slip, he reached out to try and grab a hold of the stair rail. But his hand slipped, his stitches caught on the wood, splitting open, Tululin fell, rolling heavy down the stairs, he landed in a heap, his eyes closed… his arms in odd placing, he didn't move.

The two boys came out from under the sheet and looked down at Tululin. "Please can we go now?!" Thomas begged and Jason nodded, they ran down the stairs and passed Tululin widely.

"Wait!" Jason laughed and ran into the living room. He picked up Harry and ran. The two boys left fast. Not looking back.

Tululin was left alone, not even Harry to be with him. He didn't move at all. A split was across his forehead. The house went very quiet.