It seems to me you live like a shadow, always waiting

For a flame to burn and flicker your dark beauty

Upon the wall, never shining in your own right

In your own light

But forever, I'll think of you when I see a whisper

That floats through the air, unsaid

Like everything bottled up inside me,

When you're beside me

I can feel you when you think of me in the night

When your pillow's soft and your blanket's warm

But empty thoughts rob you of protection

I have a collection

When you step outside and God strokes your cheek

Like the wind where I've kissed you with shut eyes,

Do you open yours and really see?

Do you see me?

You're a fly in a web, choking on your every thought

If I could tell you a secret, I'd confide that

Today's the only day that matters, so don't blink

Don't think

What are you running from, or is something you're chasing?

I wonder when grace will lead you back to the softness of my arms

I sing a song of hope that's thin but stong, on a mission

Just listen