Seven is a Magic Number

He pushed open the door and looked around. Perfect. Six of them and one of him. Seven is a magic number.

He saw bookshelves lining the walls, one librarian at the desk, one person researching at the table, one person browsing audio tapes, one person browsing non-fiction, and two people browsing fiction.

He repeated outloud, "Seven is a magic number." Several people turned their heads but did nothing. The man strolled over to the middle of the room, where a student was sitting and flipping through a heavy reference book. Irreverently, the man leapt onto the table and landed on the student's open books. Every person in the room turned to look at him and froze.

The man in the middle is dancing! thought the teacher, whose hand was still trailing along the non-fiction books she was browsing. And what's that he's singing? Does he think that no one can hear him? That poor student trying to do his research and…why doesn't someone just ask that man to stop?

Is that disco? The businessman almost let the audio cassette slip through his hand. The strange man on the table horrified him. His dancing is nauseating and his singing is terrible. Maybe I should tell him to stop. But, the room's eerily quiet and still. It's strange and I…can't do anything. I mean…what could I do?...And what's that he's singing? "Seven is a magic number?"

Seven is a magic number. Of course, the librarian thought smugly, that explains it. He's casting some sort of spell on us. He must have completely frozen time for them. So they can't move and aren't breathing. I must be the only one not frozen by his magic spell. I must do something to stop him…or at least hide.

Over in the fiction section, the accountant had stopped browsing through books and stared aghast at the man. What is going on? The accountant wondered confused, staring wide-eyed at the bizarre scene. No-one's moving, except that…that man. It's like everyone else are statues. But I'm able to move. I'm thinking something right now, at least. He quickly shook the thought out of his head; it sounded too much like a cheesy fantasy movie.

Come on, the librarian thought, you can do it. Just run for the door. She was desperately trying to convince herself to act and break the spell. She was not convinced, however, so she just let the dull silence continue on.

The student could see through the stranger's legs, as his book was trampled vigorously. He saw a lady and a man, who weren't moving. They looked the way he felt when he read textbooks for school—frozen. It was unsettling and eerie, the way no one was moving. Why didn't they save him from this terror? Sure, he could move and solve the problem himself, but…

Just when I thought this man wouldn't act any weirder. The lawyer held the fiction title she'd been glancing through, open in her palms. This is just plain bizarre. Even if he doesn't have enough manners to stop dancing, someone should tell him. Someone here could be polite and…

The librarian kept tossing her brilliant idea around in her head and then suddenly drew a conclusion. She would go now, run into her office, and slam the door shut. She'd be safe from this strange wizard in there.

She bolted for the door. And that was it; the spell was broken. The teacher knocked some books off the shelf, the accountant almost fell over, the businessman dropped the audio cassette, the student fell out of his chair, the lawyer dropped her books, and the man stopped dancing.

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