Finale (or rather, Intermission?)

She crosses the distance
Between traveler and queen,
She parts the world's spirits like
A waterfall of dreams,

He stands before her person
A proud defiant boy,
But he can't help but follow
With eyes like a man...

What sort of answer do you seek?
What sort of question true?
What remedy you seek to be?
Were questions that she asked.

The only answer he
Would give is silence...
Pointing out his desire
Directed beyond her!

note:I was originally going to post only the first four, but I thought of writing this one just as I was about to upload the first. Now I'm thinking of a prologue (it might be there by the time you read this)... and I realize, this could be the first epic thing I've tried in a long time! So I may never be finished with this, I suppose. How exciting, ne?