I want to run,

It's too late now,

I'm still on the edge,

But there's a drop on either side.


By my own stubbornness,

By my own blindness.

I can't go back,

But I know what's forward,

For me.

A cage,

In the dark,

Watching others freedom,

And my captor finally face to face,

Once obscured in dream and delusion,

Now staring stupidly at me,

Everything I grew up to hate,

Everything I grew up to fight.

Fight I will,

To the bitter end.

The end draws near,

The cage awaits,

Changeless captivity,

Bloody agony,

As I mash myself against the bars,

I won't give up,

You bastard.

No clinical document is going to steal my hope,

I'll fight this,

I won't be some pawn for the benefit of society,

I won't be some sacrifice for your convenience.

I know what I've got to do,

It's the hardest battle yet,

The odds are stacked high against me.

I've got to hold onto hope,

The end is here.