Sneaky little lizard
Changing colors:
Dark and light.
Only seen
For what it's with,
So what's it really like?
So afraid,
It changes now
To stay inside
And never see the truth.

Don't you hate
Those sneaky girls,
Who never stay the same?
Only seen
With passing trends,
And always seem weak-willed.
So afraid
They won't be liked.
So they change again
To make a friend.

Sneaky lizard,
Sneaky girl.
A passing trend …
What's it like
To make a friend
Because of who you are?

As I open my mouth
To scorn these girls again
I seem to find
I've come up short
I just can't speak.

I'm so sneaky,
I've changed my colors,
So even you don't know.
I'm a scaly, ugly, sneaky,
Evil little snake
I'm just like them,
Those little girls
Who don't know who they are.
I just didn't know
That I was fake …
Now all I feel
Is hate.

Sneaky little lizard.