Not of This World

Not of This World

I have a purpose

I have a reason to live

It's to live for Him and glorify Him each day that I breathe

I know where I'm going after my days are done

It's a place called Heaven

He sent me here to do His bidding

The Almighty Creator put me here to serve some mysterious purpose

I don't know now

I might never know

But I do know that I will love Him for eternity

Glorify, praise, and love Him

For all my years in this world

And the eternity to come afterward

I'm not of this world

Because this is a temporary place to glorify God

Then someday I'll leave this strange planet behind and go to the place where I can worship Him forever and ever

So while I'm here, I'll live my life to honor Him

And then after I've joined Him

I'll join with the others to praise Him for eternity

So I have this to say:

I'm not of this world because I have a spot in heaven to worship Him forever

Not of This World