On Fire

On Fire

You rescued me from the pit of despair

From the place where no light shined

You brought me out into the light

To cleanse me of my wounds

To heal my scars

So now I rejoice in the light of Your grace

I praise You for eternity

Your love, grace, and presence are fulfilling and comforting

I was lost

Wandering in the darkness of this world

But You saw me and felt compassion

You opened my eyes to the true nature of this world

So now I love and praise You for eternity

I can never thank You enough

I know that the world will try to drag me down again

But they won't succeed

'Cause I have You on my side

I'll live my life for You from now on

You're all I care about

I'm on fire for You

And the world can't put this fire out

'Cause this fire within me is the eternal flame of the Holy Spirit

And my love for You

God, you're my world

You mean everything to me

I love You

So now I have one thing to say:

I'm on fire for You

On Fire