"Unfinished Poem"

Then pours the rain

When darkness falls

And all the pain

Is past recall.

Just quiet cold

And a heart that's beating

No thoughts of old

Or mem'ries fleeting

A passing moment

In an endless hour…

Cascading stars

In a silver stream

Erase the scars

Of fallen dreams

The weary past

Was washed away

By waves that crashed

In twilight's ray

A restored heart beats on

In unfaltering disquietude…

Author's Note: This is a poem that I started one rainy evening that I had endeavored to finish. I meant to continue the pattern of two stanzas followed by two lines, but I came to a point where I didn't like the direction it was taking so I never finished. I guess what I am saying is, be kind to this smattering of a poem, as it is a rough, unfinished work. Any suggestions are welcome. Reviews are very much appreciated.