This Is Me

This Is Me

I give You my life

All the pain and torment

The sad memories

The tears, scars, and those dark secrets

I promise to live my life to the fullest for You

I will redirect my life according to Your Word

I will cease to exist as a human but instead exist as a servant of Christ

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit

Use me to reach out to others for You

This is me:

A servant of Christ

Waiting to see Your glory in heaven

Praising You for eternity

I adore You, love You, live for You

A lover of God

Your humble servant

This life of pain I leave behind

For a life of grace and love

Your spirit lives on in me

And I thank You for never abandoning me

In all those dark times

I rejoice in the sunlight

Your grace is enough and I love You for eternity

This world that is called Earth declares You as the only way

The works, miracles, and teachings of Your Son are amazing

So I say this:

I leave everything behind to live a life for you

I follow You wherever You go

Take me where I need to be

This Is Me