I wish so much right now

Just to be alone

Somewhere off by myself

With nobody else around

So I can just zone

And be away from this hell

And at times I wish

That somebody would make it easy on me

And hold the gun to my head

Or send me to sleep with the fish

Then I wouldn't ever have to worry

Cause I would be deader than dead

Depression is a hell that most can't imagine

And most do not want to

Living in a world of joy and luxury

Depression, a word they hear but not too often

A disease that they think can't affect them

The lonely Emo, hell hath no fury

What was Columbine, but Emo Wrath

Yet they still pick on us

I just...don't...know...why

Do the math

Why degrade us

Do they really want to die

Welcome to EmoNation

The easiest place in the world

To obtain a gun Or make a bomb

They just need to make the realization

They hate, we hunt

Some of us will rape their moms

Because I know if I ever got a gun

A lot of motherfuckers would wind up dead

Just because I'm Emo,

A depressed S.o.B that don't give a fuck

I've got nothing to lose in the end

I wish I was normal

Don't you?

Smile, you're on Candid Camera

Sorry I ruined the moment.

Heh, couldn't resist.

I told you I was Emo...