This invisible weight that I despise

You can see it in my eyes

Fueled by hate

Until my demise

The eyes are the windows to the soul

And when people look in mine

They see the demons I try to control

The secret fears I try to hide

The years that I wasted

Living a lie and trying to survive

In a world that wanted to pass me by

under the roof of a man that never wanted me

And the years that I spent in my

Pursuit to live up to his expectations

Mean absolutely nothing at all

To the tears that I've shed from these, my eyes

What a glorious feeling

To finally be able to see the truth

Countered only by the pain of seeing

The truth behind the truth

Or maybe I'm just paranoid

Seeing things that aren't really there

But it's as simple as a baby's toy

The facts are laid out fair and square

But I'm a coward, I think

I see it and just let it unfold

Never saying nothing, witnessing everything

Working out my pent-up aggressions

Instead of trying to hold them in

Before I end up having to go to sessions

I'll have to go anyway

In about twenty or so years

Due to everything that's been slammed in my face

And it brings to my eyes these tears

I hate how I feel these emotions

The different variations

Does everybody go through this hell

Or is it only reserved for people like me

If only I could prove that I was human...

Cast your gaze into mine

And tell me what you see when you look into my eyes