Insignificant am I

He who lives and cannot die

Forgotten by time, unnoticed by life

Speaking to have my voice heard

Writing to write, to hear my voice

As it speaks these words that flow from my soul

Like the marrow from my bones

Insignificant am I

He who knows what, in the shadows, lie

Walking mile upon mile of empty road

In the dark or in the light

On a clear blue sunny day or in the shadows of the night

And time runs out, time runs down

And there's no time left for me to doubt

That something will come along and save me

Insignificant am I

He who was chosen by fate

On a sleepless April night

Desired by destiny to lead the dance

And to sing the song of the heart collector

Believing in nothing and having nothing believe in me

I am the dog, the beast

Insignificant am I

Forgotten until the beginning of the end

Am I crazy or do I really see the future

Or is it a mixture of both

I am the sanity assassin

Billions will read these words

But for me that is not enough

My name must go down in history

Insignificant am I

Until I rise and take my place

It is I who guards the gates to hell

I am coming to sort out this mess

Caused by the sons of man

In this garden of gray where paradise once thrived

This savage garden in which we play

Destiny has called my name

Insignificant am I

He who was cast down

Made to forget until time drew near

Uncertain still to what must be done

Though I think I have a clue

I still believe in nothing

And nothing is what is safe

The heart collector sings

Insignificant am I

I, who shall herald the end

My voice will be heard

My name remembered for ages to come

I am the dog

I am the heart collector

I am your sanity assassin

And I still believe in nothing