uThe Addiction/u

Cold sweat breaking out

A clammy hand reaching out

To grab the pack of cigarettes off the table

Chain smoking cigarettes, sometimes double

A clouded mind living in self-doubt

Thoughts drowning in a sea of alcohol

Whiskey and Tequila bottles littering the room

Only because he's too drunk to walk to the saloon

The tweaker on the corner peddling powder

getting his money to supply his power

sniffing, snorting, smoking white

Shooting up and rocketing into the sky

His addictions run his life

Eating away the money from his dead wife

Trying to forget his problems and failing

Now it's too late to quit, and death is waiting

The addiction, the addiction, the addiction

Wanting, waiting, draining your life

Eating you up from the inside

Tobacco, alcohol, crack, crank, speed

Ecstacy, pain pills, meth, and weed

The drugs of choice become one voice

Feeding our addictions

Designing our constrictions

And leaving us with broken bodies

Withering bodies feeding the dust of the earth