uThe Curse of Wisdom/u

The curse of Intelligence

And the curse of wisdom

Dragging me down into the abyss

To king Saul's forgotten Kingdom

Misunderstood for so long

As I wander these long lost ruins

Knowing full well that I don't belong

In this world created for morons

Among the average, the semi-retarded

Feel the weight of being above average

Of having more than you should

And never having the recognition

Seeing further and learning

Things that are better left hidden

Wishing for ignorance

And the bliss therein

To belong with the crowd; join their slow dance

Never having seen half the things I've seen

Never knowing the things I know now

To be happy being Lower Class

And having dreams of mediocrity

And this becomes...

And this becomes...

The curse of wisdom

The birth of insomnia