uThe Pain of it All/u

I wonder if the joy is worth the pain

I wonder if the sun should be replaced by the rain

These emotions grip me by the throat

Like an ever-tightening rope

It's like poison, making me choke

While I grope blindly for the antidote

Perhaps I was never meant to wander this world so bleak

Maybe it should have been left for the weak

All I know is that I hate the life that's been given to me

It's like a stake drove into my heart making me what I appear to be

I'm reminded day to day of who and what I am

Maybe it's about time I stopped giving a damn

This mood so dark on my mind descends

Blocking my spirit while it tries to ascend

So many people trying to get me down

But it's funny cause they're not the reason I frown.

The world is dying from the pollution we make

And the asteroid above is too real to be fake

There's a chance that it will hit

Right smack dab in the middle of this American shit

I thought this was supposed to be the land of the free

But nobody is free, definitely not you or me

And the questions that come up

Where will I be when this rock says what's up

What will I be doing and will this be the end

Will I give a fuck at all about the deaths of my friends

All I can see is the ignorance on peoples faces

The same look for every one of the different races

There's a few that know what's really going on

And here I sit, just waiting for the dawn

How can I be afraid of my death

When my life has been worse, just let me drown in the river Lethe

Sometimes I wish I had never been born at all

When I dream all I seem to do is fall and fall

My insecurities eat me alive from inside

And I never let them show, they eat away like cyanide

I forget what it's like to lead a normal life

It's hard to deal with all this strife

Everyday it's the same old lie

Either we do or we die

What's this world come to where we sit and we cry

We live and we die

With death as the release for our spirits to fly

The spiral of death is as simple as can be

We're born, we live, and when we die, our spirits are free

What's all this pain for, upon our death

When we lose everything we made, down to our final breath

I leave you to think on what I just said

Until the day that you die, the day that you're dead.