uThe Right Choice/u

Can't sleep the night through

Can't stop thinking about you

And what you did

How you acted like a kid

It's easy to say

Let's live for today

But what about tomorrow

And all the sorrow

And all the pain that comes with

Whether it be truth or myth

I need to know your plan

Do you want me to be your man

When all is said and done

Will you pick up and run

All I want is to settle on down

All you want is to leave this town

So make up your mind

Before the stars get realigned

You don't seem to know how lucky you are

In my eyes you shine like a star

Are you blind to what you have

I just want to say that I'm your biggest fan

I don't care about your past

I just want us to last

So make your choice

And let me hear your voice

Yes or no

Come or go

I need to know

Will you stay or will you go

Life is short so take your pick

Before I get tired of wondering if

So make up your mind

I need know if you'll be by my side

Forever and ever til death makes us rest

Or will you put it to the test

My love for you will never fail

Like holding a tiger by the tail

Too afraid to let go

But I can't let it show

Make up your mind before tonight

Whatever your decision, I won't fight

Just know that I'll be here

Waiting, no matter the years