uTimeless Comforts/u

Timeless comforts bearing down

The things we do without a doubt

The wintertime spent by the fire

Drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow spiral

Chicken soup to cure the body

An ancient, passed-down, home remedy

The faith and love in a lovers embrace

And the support of dear old friends

There is no sorrow, no pain in torrents

These are what are known as, The Golden Moments

No sins are here at times like these

No destruction or foul-doings

Just what is known as timeless comfort

The rituals passed down

From generation to generation

To continent, from continent with each migration

The warmth of laying in water in the tub

When you just lay back and close your eyes

And to hear the rain pitter-patter down from the sky

Treasures all, these little things

Warmth and joy, comforting those who seek

Stretched forever, but only for today

Taken for granted, a bit overlooked

Timeless comforts, sorrows forsook