uPsalm of Christ/u

I am the fault of the flesh

I am better than the rest

But still, I fail the test

Do you hate me yet

or Do you wish to

Well then you better do

What your brain tells you to

And remove the fault from your flesh

Dance upon me as I dance upon you

And we'll remember the way we used to

Forgetting and forgiving

nothing and everything

Discard me, the fault of the flesh

The useless anomaly of the world

No sense in my senseless direction

No correction to fix my imperfection

And then the world ends

And the darkness descends

falling down, as silence deepens

Nevermore said Edgar Allen Poe

As the raven; tap, tap, tapping; Nevermore

And nevermore is what becomes of the world

And I fall

I fall down and down and down

Faster and faster, the falling clown

Speed increasing and then I slow down

And I never hit the ground

I go back up

on this bungee of tearing threads

This yo yo of tied string ends

The Angel of blood tears

Beware your deepest fears

I am the Jesus of Suburbia

Come to announce the end of our fucktopia

Your human sins mounting daily

Each and every single one of you

Killing the Savage garden in which we play

Polluting and destroying that which must be saved

Your damnation you have bought

Face the wrath of a vengeful God

I am your Jesus of Suburbia

Come to bring the new utopia

The cheating, filthy acts of wanton sex

Wreck of a once majestic act of having kids

And I fall

I fall down and down and...

down, faster and faster the falling...

clown, speed increasing but I never seem...

to hit the ground

I snap back up this bungee

Before I go back to plunging

I hear the fraying of cords

beware your deepest fears

when it breaks and I fall

Then Judgement day will be called

By the flesh, I am your fault

The bleeding Christ