In The Beginning

It suddenly dawned on him, as the apartment building continued to become smaller and smaller, that he was never coming back. Contrary to the weather report that morning it was raining softly. He looked at the car window, silently having raindrop races. The droplets of water were slowly making their way from one side of the window to the other. It bothered him slightly when the droplets decided to take breaks at the stoplights- he just wanted them to keep going.

Sighing, he looked up at the two front seats of the car. An older, sullen looking man was driving the car, eyes fixed intently on the road. Next to him sat a woman who would have looked exceptional except for the mascara running down her cheeks. Usually this fierce-blonde woman's appearance was extraordinary, she never missed a beat, but today was different. Every so often the man in the driver's seat would try and slip his hand into hers, she replied to his gesture by glaring at him and returning to looking gloomily out of the car window.

The boy was disgusted by the people in the two front seats, so he pulled out his favorite book, The Music of Your Life, and began to read it for the millionth time. Halfway into the first page he remembered he had just received an mp3 player for his birthday, so he ruffled through his bag looking for it. After he found it, he placed the headphones over his ears while searching the music library for his favorite song, "Killer Queen", by his favorite band, Queen.
A night of favorites, he thought, as he silently begged his eyes not to create tears.

Home Sweet Home

The car pulled into a sickly sweet looking neighborhood thatseemed as though this was the very road where Beaver Cleaver's house would have stood. Feeling sick, the boy took off his headphones, the dying words of Queen echoing in his ears…
'Let them eat cake,' she says just like Marie Antoinette…

He got out of the car wondering how it was raining in New York City,while it wasbright and sunny here.

"Well, here we are," said the man who drove the car, placing his hands on his hips, looking up expectantly at the house as though waiting for it to roll over and bark, "home sweet home!"

The beautiful woman, who had mascara stains, stepped out of the car, letting nothing escape her mouth, and walked inside of the perfect house. The sullen boy got his bag, book, and mp3 player and followed her into the big house, again, without a word coming out of his lips. The man stood outside admiring the house for quite some time before turning around and heading to the car to get his belongings.

"The next year will be just swell!" He exclaimed to himself smiling broadly, "just swell!" Happily he picked up his bags and followed the others into the house with that never fading grin still pasted onto his slightly aged, yet still handsome, face.